Looking For Water Sports In All The Right Places

If you want a change of pace on your next vacation, consider whitewater rafting in Colorado. The Colorado River offers whitewater that is divided into skill levels. There are whitewater paths just for beginners and challenging ones for the experienced adventurer. Consider tent camping at one of the national parks located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. You can spend a few days rafting and then go mountain hiking. Colorado offers beautiful scenery and lots of campsites. Read more

Old Memories: Visiting Ghost Towns In California and Arizona

Visiting a ghost town is a great way to have a fun and adventurous day out with family and friends. There are actually quite a number of these abandoned towns in both Arizona and California that you can browse through. There are some things that you need to know before you actually pack up and go to a ghost town in your local area. One thing to keep in mind is that certain areas are considered Read more

Five Ways to Catch the Flavor Of Prescott’s Old West

The steps of the Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott have a medallion that marks the mile-high elevation of 5,280 feet. Prescott is two hours north of Phoenix among Ponderosa pines reaching over 100 feet tall.

The majority of Arizona is mountain country, home to the world’s largest Ponderosa pine forest. Here are five things to do around Prescott.

Sharlot Hall museum features a look at authentic pioneer life with cabins and a schoolhouse.

Thumb Butte has fantastic rock climbing on the north face and an easy but energetic hiking and horse trail with lots of wildlife on Read more

Rock Climbing in Arizona

Rock climbing is the ultimate test of both strength and endurance and everyone knows that one of the best places to go rock climbing is in Arizona. Why? Get online with your clear internet service and see for yourself. The ranges of mountains that creep in and out of the state are both treacherous and diverse in their level of challenge that they present with unapologetic boldness. When you see these sites, you know you’re in for a real test and not some nature walk.

Mount Lemmon
Part of the Santa Catalina Mountains that rise to as high as 9,157 feet above the desert floor, climbers can experience a diverse and unparalleled challenge with more than 1,200 climbing routes to undertake.

Cochise Stronghold
Nestled deep within the Dragoon Mountains, the Cochise Stronghold features a maze of cliff-lined canyons featuring some of the most beautiful, if not remote, glimpses of the Arizona wilderness that most climbers won’t soon forget.

Camelback Mountain and the McDowell Mountains of Phoenix
Both areas are conveniently located and feature a wide range of challenges, especially depending on which season you decide to take a climb.

Arizona is a place like no other – where physical hardships are rewarded with unparalleled glimpses into the untamed wilderness.

Gunning For Pleasure: Sport Shooting In Arizona

Arizona is a state that provides plenty of outdoor sports for both residents and visitors. The pleasant winter temperatures make it possible to get outside all year long.

Shooting ranges are a fun and exciting way to spend a day. Range officials will ensure a safe environment when gun enthusiasts are shooting dangerous weapons. Also, clay targets are a feature of a shooting range and will help users focus and perfect their aim.

In 1996 the Arizona Game and Read more

Taking Stock Of The Backcountry, Four-Wheeler Style

Arguably, some of the best country in the world for roaming about in four wheel drive vehicles is going to be at the western edge of the United States. Here are plenty of wide open spaces, and rugged terrain, that the off roader craves and crawls over. Specifically, the region from the California coast to the Arizona desert offers some spectacular scenery for the serious off road enthusiast.

California is home to the majestic Sierra Nevada range, and here one can find some extreme opportunities for the Read more

Boarding the West, From Snow To Lake

In the summer, wakeboarder needs to head to Villa Lagos. This lake was constructed by Eric Pettinger, who dearly loved the water. He used his 30 year old construction business to support his love of skiing, and later his even bigger love of wakeboarding. Villa Lagos serves as home to the NorCal International wakeboard competition team. The lake is quieter than nearby Lake Shasta and offers excellent opportunities for participants at all levels. The people of this lake have an extremely Read more

Taking A Fall in California, The Autumn Way

Enjoying the season of autumn in California is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. By navigating California during the season of autumn its possible to enjoy the wide array of colors and natural sights available.
Planning is an essential part of learning to enjoy the autumn leaves of California. Some great places to visit during this time is national parks, which California happens to be full of. Look for parks that will have a diverse array of wildlife and plants to Read more

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